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Ukraine - a hostage of the "Tymoshenko’s disease"

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Recently, the German information resource EU-REPORTER.NET published the article that sheds the light on the current situation in Ukraine estimating to "Tymoshenko's case" on the other, less usual, side.

In the investigation there are some facts of manipulating the consciousness of the European community the scandal around the "Mrs Tymoshenko illness," which, in fact, blocks the process of European integration of our neighbors - Ukraine. "Gray eminence" of the process they called Hryhoriy Nemyria in a German press.

He is a longtime ally Yulia Tymoshenko's, and now heads the Committee on European Integration of the Ukrainian parliament.

The article shows the chronology and the main events of the special operation "Tymoshenko's disease." The main "conductor" of the operation is Nemyria.

In an article published in Germany there were detailed analysis of all the main Nemyria’s visits to European cities. The article refers to the fact that Hryhoriy Nemyria frequent visits to Germany, usually associated with "prisoner Tymoshenko’s disease."

The material recorded facts of Nemyria’s frequent visits to Germany.

Indicating that the main purpose of the visit is the "solution to the issue with doctors who will examine Tymoshenko.

That's right - Hryhoriy Mykhailovych goes to European Union not for advice, he doesn’t receive guidance, it is not crazy sounds ... he gives! "- the author of the European material Is perplexed.

Further is reported that Nemyria flies to Germany, and on the same day it turns out that Europe which is “so much worried about the condition of the former prime minister, for some reason has not responded to the invitation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the establishment the team of the medical commission. "

We all remember that Poland and almost all European countries have taken the initiative in providing the best doctors, "to put the end to gossip about Tymoshenko’s disease. But no one responds.

No one, except Germany and Canada. If just Germany replied, the strange indifference of the Western world would be caught in the eye of even skeptics ", - stated in the German investigation.

Immediately it becomes clear the whole devious plan: two family doctor and gynecologist travel from Canada. If these doctors will give a conclusion that does not fit into the concept of Tymoshenko release, it will be possible to refer to the lack of professionalism.

In particular, the author writes that "the examination of Tymoshenko - a key step in the raid “sick”.

Nobody will believe Ukrainian doctors, there no reason to worry at this point, "competitors" in the form of doctors from France or Italy ignored the invitation of the Ukrainian side. In fact, will be taken into consideration only the conclusion of the Germans.

According to available information, an accurate diagnosis was confirmed (!) long before the Germans got off the plane on the Ukrainian land. "The article states that Nemyria is an organizer of promotion the scandal "Tymoshenko’s disease."

The author does not stop wonder, "Now think what power people have who could instruct the governments of leading countries of the failure to send experts to Tymoshenko. Not a recommendation, but a command. Command uttered by ... Nemyria ».

Author, restoring the timeline indicates that the next there is a series of events, analyzed which, you come to a definite conclusion - Canadian doctors were "shell", stake was on Germans, and this rate is justified.

Exactly German doctors showed a miracle of efficiency and instantly write diagnosis, leave it sealed and fly away. Canadians are also beginning to mess around, what is obviously not included in the plans of the opposition.

On the site of the "Batkivschina" message appears stating that "the doctors of Canada who are members of the International Medical Commission can not start a survey." In this case, Canadians, despite their low qualifications, find the lack of any serious disease of Tymoshenko. It has become like a disaster for Ukrainian opposition.

The opposition is taking steps to avoid disruption of "Operation Tymoshenko’s disease." Lawyer of the convict former prime minister Sergei Vlasenko promptly said that he had spoken with Tymoshenko and Tymoshenko said that "did not have time to properly review the conclusions of Canadian physicians."

Representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health refutes this claim, but, as the opposition has been calculated, the, no one believes Ukrainian side.

The material analyzed in detail "the German mark" of Nemyria’s activities. Why in the operation " Tymoshenko’ disease" clearly appears the German side?

The author suggests that there is some agreement between Yulia Tymoshenko and Angela Merkel, about the " surrender of national interests, the funds for undermining the existing system in Ukraine, allocated from a third source.

The main objective is to release Tymoshenko and her subsequent return to power for the ution of the agreements reached with the Germans. "

It turns out that the European integration of Ukraine is not a primary mission, delivered by 46 million of our neighbors. European integration is in this way that is more like a lifeline for Mrs Tymoshenko, whom we and the rest of Europe wants to see free.

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Clarification for those who have not yet understood:
Someone has been using Google translate to translate an article into english.

Mörkermännens insinuationer tas inte på allvar 2013-05-15 09:22:42 Anmäl

I'm not a journalist nor investigator...well, a private one (i.e. investigator), maybe :-P
But, that's when it gets like this, it's not stranger than that.'m%20not%20a%20journalist%20nor%20investigator...well%2C%20a%20private%20one%20(i.e.%20investigator)%2C%20maybe%20%3A-P%0ABut%2C%20that's%20when%20it%20gets%20like%20this%2C%20it's%20not%20stranger%20than%20that.

2013-05-15 09:00:43 Anmäl

I'm not a journalist nor investigator. I'm photographer. But from Ukraine. I do feel something wrong with this article(i mean that from eu-reporter one).
I has fully read it. and it seems to me.. this text is a translation.. from ukrainian or russian. Too many typos. Not orthographical but syntactical. Too many syntactical constructions from ukrainian language.
For example "I informed the ambassador of the European Union Jan Tombinskogo about the situation that has developed". Constructions like "Jan Tombinskogo" is used in ukrainian to put word or phrase in genitive. I've read such a construction in english for the very firs time.
And the last two sentances are enchanting
"This question has yet to receive a response, as well as on the nature of the colossal material resources, which are managed by, in effect, a single person – Gregory M. Nemyria. People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on European Integration of our country …"
Show me, please, that german investigator and give me weed that he smoked before call Ukraine as "his country"

Sergii Kharchenko 2013-05-15 00:30:22 Anmäl